All In and Outs of Descriptive Essay Writing

Essay description of school practice has several varieties: description of a picture, physical description of a person (portrait), description of human nature (characteristics), description of the situation (interior) description of terrain...

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We know from classroom practice that unlike another types of essays: narrative essay, expository essay, persuasive essay and etc., descriptive writing is several types of descriptions: description of the picture, appearance of a person (animal), character analysis, description of the interior of the area. All these types are United by a common goal - to recreate a certain image in the essay text.

Each description is intended to recreate the image in the reader's imagination. At the same time, the person who creates a descriptive text sees from its own point of view what it represents, and can be free to evaluate and present the content.

Before you start working on an essay, you need to understand its description. In fact, everything is very simple, because it is written in such a way as to identify the main signs, signs, features that can be used to see and convey the image of a living person or object.

Description of devices that indicate or disclose important characteristics, characteristics, or functions to identify or represent the subject of the description.

Academic essay writer should pay a special attention to describing clear and interesting details and characteristics, but we should strive not to make these details seem coherent, but to create a complete picture where everything is interconnected.

To write a good essay, it is important to note that it describes the bright details of the object. Just make sure that the details are harmoniously connected to each other, and don't look disappointed. The goal is to create a description of the essay in which the reader will see the full picture. The essay usually consists of three parts: introduction, main part, and conclusion.

A descriptive essay usually consists of three parts: it is introduced in the main part, in the conclusion.

Work plan for writing an essay

  • In the introduction of this academic essay, specify the subject of the description: who or what it is and why it will be discussed. If this is a single element, specify its main function or role in the context of its existence. If the object is a phenomenon or situation, you can enter in the introduction what is related to it or what is interesting.
  • Think about what attracts attention to an object which makes it recognizable. These can be qualitative characteristics or actions that occur in or with it.
  • In accordance with the identification of this feature, use in the main part of the essay adjectives of the object adjectives, adverbs, figurative expressions, timeless verbs that characterize the state of the object in different periods. Use the adjectives and verbs above in comparative constructions and complex sentences.
  • Work on the main part-disclosure of information set out in the introduction. The main part of the essay description contains an analysis of the image, a description of objects and actions, as well as a description of the appearance of a person or animal. The essay mainly describes personal observations, adjectives, definitions, comparisons, specific adverbs, linguistic figurative means, and timeless verbs as a "tool" of description.
  • First describe the most important characteristics and characteristics of the object to make it recognizable, then continue with the details and details that complement the image, use original definitions and comparisons. Don't give me banal features, try to show me how thoughtful and subtle you are. To describe the movement of thought, use neutral verbs (you can see it, understand it, notice it, and so on).)
  • Fill in the description to describe the object in a short, concise sentence – specify what the named signs produce and what they mean.
  • The conclusion is an important part of the essay description, which must be approached with full responsibility. The purpose of any conclusion is to explain in a few concise sentences the meaning of certain characteristics in the picture (literary work, etc.). the conclusion is somewhat similar to the introduction, but their goals are different-the first briefly tells about the topic of the essay description, and the second makes brief conclusions.

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