How to Write Persuasive Essay Fast and Easy

As the admissions officers say, the essay is the most memorable part of the entrance documents. This shows that the applicant is a person who’s good at academic essay writing. A lot of people have the same grades and scores on exams, but this essay helps them stand out from this crowd. It shows you how to present yourself, analyze information, express your thoughts, communicate in writing with others.

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The important difference in the persuasive essay from other types of essay: descriptive essay, narrative essay, expository essay and etc., is the boundary word. Each university determines the acceptable size of the essay. Sometimes it is sufficient only 150 words to express his thoughts-it is an entire paragraph. In other words, all responses must be clear and effective, not dry or monosyllabic.

What to write about in an essay?

Universities publish essay topics on their website during the recruitment phase. The questions depend on how they are applied: directly at the university or through joint programs and coalition platforms. The best universities, along with the essay, require a short answer to some further questions-further questions. The list is also available on the university website. It's not an essay, it's a question-answer format.

Frequently asked questions in essay

Tell us your most important success.

How do you spend your time after school? Describe these two actions and their meaning.

Describe who influenced you and how.

If you could improve your skill or talent, what would it be and why?

What course, person, project or book affects you? In what way?

Describe your plans for the future.

What kind of course do you want and how do you help in the future?

Based on your life experience and your family's experience, what do you want to say about yourself?

Describe the difficult situation in which you find yourself.

Where does the leadership fit in?

What other information would you like to share about yourself?

Essay competitions tips

The goal is to stand out. The work must be genuine, not in the usual subjects:" travel", "parents" and "sport". Here are some tips, tricks to help you write an unforgettable persuasive essay.

Do not repeat the question in answer.

Do not use long or complex words. Vain at best, ignorant at worst. I agree that "how to write concisely" sounds much better than" how to avoid unnecessary use of the language."

to be honest. An answer that will show who you are will appeal to the Commission far more than an appropriate or politically correct one. But if your hobby list includes Satan for the weekend, it's better not to be completely honest.

Be yourself. Don't think about what the recipients want to see. Choose themes you can reveal that are important to you. Express your ideas and share your experiences.

Describe your personal growth in this academic essay. When you write about a life event or hobby, tell us what you learned later. So you show the admissions committee that you can change, and you have a right to self-respect.

Add it to your existing CV. Write about things that are not included in the motivation letter or portfolio to show different pages of your personality.

Write down the details and add a color to the answer.

Be careful with your sense of humor. jokes rarely get to the point.

Make sure that there are no errors or inaccuracies in the essay. Read it until the end.

When the essay is ready, read it several times, preferably every other day, to evaluate with fresh eyes. Be sure to reveal as a person that the subject is very important to you, to show interest and to find the original approach. You can show the essay to your friends and family so they can see how they react.

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